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Corporate Resposibility

LOYEX is an investment/securities trading service of Loyal Bank Limited

We at Loyal Bank / LOYEX, while setting high quality standards in business, also proactively help our local communities to work towards a brighter collective future.

Here are some examples of what we have done to assist deserving causes locally:

In 2007 Sunny Vale, a non-Government school in Kingstown in St. Vincent and the Grenadines was given assistance to upgrade the facilities for students.

The presentation ceremony took place on the 26th of February 2007 at the premises of Sunny Vale. The Minister of Culture of St. Vincent, Mrs. René Baptiste, was present for the handling over ceremony, in which she acknowledged the effort of the school's head teacher, Mrs. Sutherland and thanked Loyal Bank and their customers for the support given to this very deserving cause.

In 2007 Loyal Bank donated to St. Benedicts Day Nursery and Infant Hospital in Georgetown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Benedict's Day Nursery daily cares for about 100 children, aged 3-months to 4-years-old from deprived homes who need day care while their parents are working. The Infant Hospital was established in 1968 and caters for children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

This donation was raised by the Bank's customers and staff, whom we would like to thank for their continuous support of our charity program.

In the same year Loyal Bank also donated to the Children's Library Annual Summer Programme (CLASP) in the form of books and T-shirts to promote the ongoing contribution made by CLASP in the local area in promoting literacy.

CLASP aims to inculcate a love of reading amongst children, to stimulate creativity and to help overcome problems that might deter children from reading regularly.

Mr. Adrian Baron, Chief Executive of Loyal Bank Limited, Mrs. Joan O' Garro, Director of the Children's Library and children with books in their hands

In 2008 The Association for People with Disabilities (Helping Hands Centre), which is a non-profit educational facility for disabled children in St. Vincent, received a donation from Loyal Bank generated with the help of our valued clients. The aim once again was to assist a very deserving cause.

A donation for providing clean drinking water in the villages of Cambodia and providing drinking water in Haiti after the disastrous earthquake of 2009 was yet another instance of our commitment towards assisting those afflicted by poverty or natural disasters.

Please click here to read the thank you letter from charity.water.

In responding to the earthquakes of New Zealand and Japan in 2011, we raised funds for the Loyal Bank Disaster fund, and donated to Ambulance EMT for relief work in New Zealand and also to the Japanese Red Cross Society, which is actively involved in the rehabilitation of people of Japan.

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