B2B Relations - Introducing Agent Program

Forex Introducer Programme - Earn by Introducing Forex Business

LOYEX invites you to take a look at our Forex Introducer Programme.

LOYEX's Forex IB program is an ideal way for individuals or corporations to enter the world's largest financial market. The program allows Introducing Brokers to refer/introduce any party to LOYEX, enabling that party to trade currencies on our advanced electronic platform, the MT4 based LOYEX Trading Station. IBs are compensated by LOYEX depending on the amount of round turn lots traded by their introduced clients.

LOYEX will be responsible for all back office administrative support and overheads involved in serving the introduced clients, leaving IBs free to focus on building their client relationships.

Are you an Introducing Broker offering your clients' online trading services on your MetaTrader based trading platform? Thanks to our MT4-MT4 BRIDGE brokers around the world can now link their MetaTrader servers to ours and pass their clients' orders to us which can reduce your risks and cover all or part of your clients' trades. We offer you a choice of either executing orders on your own MT4 platform or sending us your clients' trading orders in which case you confirm your clients' orders after these requests are confirmed by us, in a matter of milliseconds.

Our Introducing Broker program for self-trading clients is based on revenue sharing and we provide Introducing Brokers with a full package of tools and support, enabling them to develop their client base.

Join us in the fast lane as a LOYEX Introducing Broker partner!

Download and complete the online application form.
Please send the completed form to customerservice@loyalbank.com

Benefits of being an Introducing Broker with LOYEX:

Wide range of markets

LOYEX offers traders a wide range of trading conditions, competitively priced foreign exchange products, CFDs, commodities, precious metals.

  • 24-hour customer, technical, and dealing support in 16 languages
  • Access to multi-feed liquidity
  • Automated execution at best market price
  • Build your Sub-IB network
  • Competitive and flexible compensation package
  • Free tools are available for use on your website
  • Free trading alerts
  • IB coordinator dedicated to assist IB with marketing and operation issues
  • Low start-up costs
  • No hidden fees
  • Offer Demo Account/Live Account sign up through your own website
  • Trade your clients' accounts as one
  • Trade your clients' accounts through Power of Attorney

If you have any questions regarding our IB Program please send us an inquiry now.

You are also welcome to contact us at myloyex@loyalbank.com or call us at Tel.: +1 (234) 738 1990 or Fax: + (1 784) 451 2757. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.