Selection criteria

Take the selected signals here only as an easy guideline please! Our basic intention is to draw your attention to the very existence of the MQL5 site and the tools available there. Feel free to chose and try other signals from the waste signal pool of the community!

Signals indicated here are selected from MQL5, the official community site of Metatrader users. Being indicated in Loyal Bank Signal Program means going through a twofold selection procedure. First, getting into MQL5 site (see requirements here). Secondly, matching our own selection criteria:

  • Real money account, min. USD 1000
  • Signal is FREE
  • Trading history, at least 26 weeks
  • Account activity minimum3 trades/week average
  • Max DD <30%
  • NO averaging/Martingale system
  • At least 1 subscriber
  • Subjective LB factors