Loyal Bank Signal Program

Loyal Bank Signal Program allows you to automatically follow the trades of a pre-selected group of experienced FX traders in an easy and convenient way. Should you be new to FX trading, this can protect you from early losses and give you some time to get familiar with all aspects of trading.

Our basic intention behind Loyal Bank Signal Program is to draw our clients' attention to an already existing tool-kit available at MQL5, and to the vivid community to be found there. Using these tools can be incredibly useful for those who are at the early stage of their FX trading career.

The performance of some traders - which we believe are good ones! - are highlighted and followed below. Signals are selected from the trading pool of Metaquotes. From a technical point of view this means that we use the robust infrastructure of the site, so participating in the program you need to have a registered MQL5 account.

Please, take the selected Signals here only as an easy guideline! Our basic intention is to draw your attention to the very existence of the MQL5 site and the tools available there. Feel free to choose and try any other signal from the waste signal pool of the community.

Selected signals:


Signal provider past performance is not indicative of future results. Investor returns may vary significantly from Signal provider returns due to a number of elements, including slippage, fees, broker spreads, market volatility, self-directed trading or customized account settings (such as maximum leverage or maximum allowed loss on Equity). Signal Providers may change their trading strategy at any time, without notice. Signals, offered for free can be withdrawn at any time by Signal Provider.