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Trading Transparency

We would like you to be able to clearly see how an FX trade works.

The main participants of the FOREX market are the market makers or liquidity providers, such as the major investment banks; major brokerages and other trading service providers; and the end-users.

The process begins when you send your order to us.

When LOYEX receives your order, you will get the best price provided by 16 liquidity providers who compete for your business. The higher the number of the liquidity providers the better the price you will receive.

At the end of the entire process, without involving any human interaction, LOYEX adds its fixed mark up to the price and you will immediately see the result in your LOYEX trading station.

To learn more about our pricing please click here and check out our average spreads belonging to the currency pairs in each account type. We allow you to see all our average spreads as we believe it is your right to be as well informed as possible. Based on this philosophy we guarantee you a fair execution at the best price available in the market.

We at your request will provide you with all of the quotes received from our liquidity providers at the time of your order execution, enabling you to see that your order was filled at best price available with our mark-up applied.

However in the following cases our service provider will not be able to guarantee the mark-up application:

1. If an order involves a greater number of lots than the limit per automated trade as specified in the Trading Conditions menu. Bigger tickets are accepted, but will be processed manually.
2. In case of Automated Trading System failure or in case of extreme market conditions all tickets will be processed manually.

Over 99% of all trades are automated and the detailed quotation policy will be applied. In the other rare cases of manual execution mode our service provider’s policy remains to provide as fair fills as possible and internally , your order execution will be separated from all proprietary trading.